Humans of festivals

Anne van Huffelen: I had a long, rough day. It was completely tiring for me but I still went to a friend of mine. We ate and talked together and I ended up on the couch with food, drinks and music playing from some nice speakers.I felt happy, joyous and free at the end of that day.

Mario Batkovic: Freedom is a difficult word! I remember my neighbor: for him it was freedom when I stopped practicing for the whole day, and for me it was freedom to make very loud noises the whole day.

When I’m free, really free.. It’s the end of development. It needs to change all the time, there is no finish. So I don’t really feel free. I always have a resistance, I fight with the resistance. And if the resistance is not there from outside, then I build my own resistance. I say “let’s make a fucking solo album 50 min long”, or “let’s make a big symphony orchestra which costs a lot of money nobody can pay” but I do it you know. So searching that resistance is development in a way.